A scared skinny dog ​​hiding in the bushes from her breeder turns into a happy princess after she discovers love.

Before being in Kelly’s care, Putri was living on the streets where she didn’t receive any care, food, or water.

Because of this, she was extremely malnourished, and her once beautiful fur had completely fallen off.
When she was finally noticed by some rescuers, they knew that if she wasn’t immediately rescued, she wouldn’t survive for too long in those living conditions.

Luckily, catching her didn’t prove to be a difficult task and Putri was immediately rushed to the vet.
Even though she was well taken care of while at the vet, her doctors knew that if she were to get better, she needed to find a loving foster family that would dedicate themselves to her. And, that is when Kelly stepped in.

“She was just completely terrified so they thought it would be so much better for her to heal and rest and recover in a foster home. I told them I can take her,” Kelly told

Even though Kelly didn’t like the fact that her foster dog was living in the bushes for three weeks, she knew that forcing her out of them would be so much worse.

“At first, I would put food outside the bushes. I could see that she was eating the food that I was throwing in,” she added.

However, after some time, Kelly started sitting in front of the bushes with food in her hand, and eventually, Putri would pop her head out from the leaves and eat the food from her hand.

But, Putri still didn’t fully trust her.

If she stepped out of the bushes and noticed Kelly looking at her, she would immediately retreat back to her safe space.

“It took her a really long time but she was slowly learning to trust. And then I thought ‘This can’t stay like this. She can’t live in there forever’,” added Kelly.

But, another concern this determined rescuer had was her dogs. Since they are very happy and outgoing, Kelly thought that it would only scare Putri even more.

This was a huge milestone for Putri. She was finally coming out of her shell and even starting to go inside the house in the evenings to explore it for a bit after going back outside to her bushes.

“The first time she laid down on her side with her stomach exposed was like, she really feels relaxed and vulnerable. But I think for her, the biggest thing was when she started to be able to leave my house and go for walks,” said Kelly.


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