“Agent Stone” on Netflix: Gal Gadot (again) ready to save the world

In “Agent Stone,” the Israeli-American actress plays a spy determined to prevent bad guys from seizing an artificial intelligence tool capable of dominating the world. A spectacular and captivating thriller, online this Friday.

Even bigger than in “Wonder Woman”? In “Agent Stone”, directed by Tom Harper (the filmmaker of “Wild Rose”, released in the summer of 2019), Gal Gadot knows how to do everything: hack, punch, run, jump with or without a parachute, drive a van, motorcycle or snowmobile… And even fly several thousand meters above sea level, only with a wetsuit.

For this thriller available on Netflix this Friday, the 38-year-old Israeli-American actress plays Rachel Stone, a British secret service agent responsible, with her team, for stopping “the biggest arms dealer” on the planet. Quite quickly, we discover that Stone is infiltrated and works in parallel for The Charter, an organization independent of all governments, whose goal is to “maintain peace in the world”… Just that.

Scenes of incredible violence
Like a game of cards, La Charte is divided into teams called “hearts”, “clubs”, “spades” and “diamonds” and Rachel Stone is the nine of hearts. The group lets itself be guided by the Heart, a machine equipped with artificial intelligence capable of hacking all the computer systems on the planet and predicting the future. When a formidable group decides to seize it, Stone leads the counterattack…

This “Agent Stone” is neither sober nor measured, and its heroine – or rather its superheroine – confronts her partners in scenes of incredible violence, almost surreal, before returning to the attack with a slight scratch on cheekbone.

A thriller that leans towards the superhero film
If this production borrows from old spy films (thwarted romance and cyanide tablets, etc.), its resolutely high-tech aesthetic leans towards Marvel films: to supervise operations and guide Stone in real time, the coordinator of La Charte makes bring up a multitude of screens and graphical data with simple hand gestures.

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