The rescued dog arrived at his new home in a luxury Limo after 2 years of waiting in a kennel.

When the employees of Euclid Pet Pals, located in Euclid, Ohio, received a call from a concerned citizen about dogs abandoned within a house, they could not even imagine what would await them there.

As soon as they got to that place, their hearts broke when they saw 4 dogs in a desperate state. According to the Euclid Pet Pals Facebook post, they were neglected and left there without food or water for one week.

Although all four dogs were in bad condition, the only male in the house, whom they named Chester, was the most critical. He was chained to the window and could hardly move, which had terrible consequences for him.

However, as soon as he saw people and finally felt a humane hug, the smile immediately returned to his face. When they saw this, his saviors were sure that this dog would meet his happy ending someday.

Yet, due to his very poor health, his recovery was not at all easy and took a very long time. Besides, after everything he had been through, his emotional state wasn’t any better either, and it took him a long time to fully trust humans again.

Fortunately for Chester and those who cared for him, after 11 months of intensive recovery, he was a new dog – smiling, full of love for his saviors and his favorite toys, and soon ready for adoption.

Although he had to wait more than an additional half a year for that moment, he could not have dreamed how solemn it would be.

Spending two years in a shelter isn’t easy, but it was actually a blessing for Chester after everything he’d been through. However, just like any other dog, he dreamed of a warm home and a loving family that would never betray him like his previous owner did.

The wait was ultimately worth it, and Chester finally met his happy ending. On March 3, 2024, Euclid Pet Pals announced the happiest of news in a Facebook post.

“You’ve become a beacon for all those dogs still waiting in shelters, showing them that their perfect home is out there, waiting,” Brickman wrote in the end.

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